Learn Scalp Micro-pigmentation. SMP Training available

The HeadPower Scalp Micro-pigmentation training program is an intensive 3 day course that will train you to become a certified scalp micropigmentation technician. You will be working on an average of 2-3 different live models per day to practice-on and gain real life experience. When you’re finished your Scalp micro-pigmentation training you’ll have learned the entire skill set that you will need to start working as a certified and confident SMP technician, to start your own business, or to work in the industry. HeadPower scalp micro-pigmentation training will teach and prepare you to work on the following areas:

Scalp micro-pigmentation for balding men training
Scalp micro-pigmentation for hair density training
Scalp micro-pigmentation for hair transplant scars training
Scalp micro-pigmentation for female hair loss training
Scalp micro-pigmentation for alopecia training

Our facilities are licensed, insured and inspected, and our Scalp micropigmentation training certification is recognized in North America, Europe, and Asia.

To register for the SMP training program or for more information.Call -1-888-977-6275 or visit http://www.headpower.ca